Thursday, April 28, 2005

Cat language translated into english

[Evil eye stares]
PP: Just wait till you leave for work.

PP: I will now stretch and sink my claws into your lap, wondering why you are screaming at me.

[Head bobb]
PP: Oh, a birdie! Unfortunately this damn window is blocking my path of attack.

PP: I love you. Now I can shed all over you, and in the other room there is a plant knocked on the floor.

PP: (1)You didn't pet me today! (2)I'm drawing territorial lines with that other cat I hate. (3)No, Mister. I am not in heat.

[ ]
PP: Human, I'm not listening to whatever scolding you are trying to give me.

[Looks up, pauses, and then walks away]
PP: Would you tell that damn dog outside to shut up.

[Lies stretched on back]
PP: (1) Well aren't I pretty? (2) What are you waiting for? Pet me.

[Crawls on desk]
PP: I will lay on the paperwork you are trying to get done.

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