Sunday, May 01, 2005

tricky food labels

"Some settling may occur."
PP: Yes. Like the settlement between the manufacturer and the consumer group for not providing a fair amount of food to the consumer.

"Natural Flavorings"
PP: Coverup to hide the "alien" ingredients.

"Feed at room temperature"
PP: CAUTION: Highly volatile!

"Water sufficient to process"
PP: What the hell?

"Poultry by-products"
PP: If your gonna butcher a chicken than atleast use the chicken. Okay?

"Pyridoxine Hydrochloride"
PP: Nice to know my cats are running around drugged.

"Pure filtered mountain water"
PP: Straight from the tap.

PP: The kind that eats your sidewalk. Your bones will love it!

"...with Mother of vinegar."
PP: Highly confusing and questionable attempt to be healthy.


gallimel said...

man, your way to write simply catches me anytime.
U'r amazing :)
Hugs for your day&the weekend :)
Meli :)

Dry Guy said...

I'm actually trying to tone down the mean spirited side of me, but sometimes I fail. I keep telling myself I'll get it right the next time... and the next time, and the next time...