Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day with Johnny Vato

It's everyone's favorite misguided mob boss, Johnny Vato. He's come to dazzle the fraline's with such touching and emotional poems. The ladies will show their appreciation by: (1) a kick in the groin, (2) stepping on his new expensive shades, and (3) dumping a plate full of hot pasta in his lap. Johnny keeps getting it wrong, but try and avoid the three examples above by being nice, ladies. Johnny Vato is a few bucks short in the romance department. Here's suave Johnny:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
a box of chocolates,
and I shall undress you.

Was that an orgasm,
or a muscle spasm?
Well, all that really matters
is that you don't get fatter.

My love,
you are like the stars above;
a rainbow across the sky,
and soon a piece of your pie.

I saw you from afar,
like a heaven-sent star;
too nervous to speak,
I offered the back seat.

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