Friday, June 08, 2007

skeptical auto advertising

"local trade"
T: I told my brother I'd help him get rid of this "lemon" in exchange for part of the profits.

"Balance of Factory Warranty"
T: A few miles and/or days left.

"Great Family Transportation"
T: Crayon marks all over the interior from the kids.

T: It is we who are loaded with salesman BS.

"Hates Gas"
T: Some young punks poured sugar down the tank.

"Lotza Goodies"
T: With loads of mechanical suprises...

"8 pass"
T: No thanks. I'll just pass on her once.

"3.4L V6 is bad, loud knock, haul home $1200"
T: Keeper! LOL!

"Cute Small"
T: No backseat sex

"Looks like new"
T: Drives like old

"Flashy Interior"
T: Sunglasses recommended when driving

"Test Driven"
T: I think we can hide the *ticking* noise if we keep the fan on high.

T: The cars in control, not you

"1992 Chevy Suburban $3.375"
T: Bargain basement giveaway

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