Tuesday, October 17, 2006

smart raps

Someone here give me a quick rap beat...

I was looking for some booty,
instead she gave me tootie fruities,
so I told her I had kooties,
and she gave me the boot-y.

C'mon, G, c'mon, bring in the house...

I like to rap,
but I look like a sap,
can you teach me to adapt,
so I can have me some of 'that'!

SPREAD IT OUT, and bring it back in...

I'm just a boy
in need of some noise,
can you bring me my girl toy
so I can feel the joy.

YO YO YO! Listen up...

The girls think I'm on fire,
but all the sex makes me tired,
the cops got me on hire,
so I can nab the homies with a wire.

that ought to get me a really smart date,
but just don't tell her I hate
her dumb sister Kate.

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