Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Tough Club

Requirements include:

1. Play 'Ding Dong Ditch' with the school principal
2. Punch a brick wall with full force
3. Tell the school bully you'll meet him outside at 3pm sharp!
4. Drive your dirt bike through a newly remodeled home
5. Challenge the Road Warriors to a wrestling match (1 on 2, now that's tough!)
6. Play the running back position without any pads
7. Tell someone to kick you in the balls really hard
8. Peddle full board on a 10-speed and turn really sharp onto a sandy street
9. Throw snow balls at police cars
10. Break up with your really hot girlfriend because of schedule issues due to fulfilling the Tough Club requirements

Are YOU tough enough?!

Note: Helmet is optional.

Note 2: Tough Club requirements are considered fictional and shouldn't be considered realistic expectations from the author. Perverse, Inc. cannot be held responsible for your own stupidity.

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